naruto genaraitions of tommorow

a new genaration of naruto
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 New Jutsu

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PostSubject: New Jutsu   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:00 pm

name: Chakra Expulsion
element: None
1-10 damage: 2 (self)
description: This technique immediately expels all chakra from the body.
jutsu type: Ninjutsu
jutsu rank: E

((I'll get this next one later))

name: Demonic Summoning
element: None
1-10 damage: 10
description: The user casts a genjutsu on the opponent. All his or hers demons are released for the time
the Genjutsu is cast. This includes the users demons as well. The place of the genjutsu is wherever the user chooses, usually depending on how he is feeling.
jutsu type: Genjutsu
jutsu rank: B

name: Mind Tap
element: None
1-10 damage: 1-5 Depends on resistance.
description: This casts a genjutsu over the opponent. The opponent "sees" the user run up to him/her and tap them on the head. The opponent falls over and the genjutsu is broken. The user retains some information about the opponents past. If he/she is searching for information, depending on the resistance, he/she may get it.
jutsu type: Genjutsu
jutsu rank: E - 3 specific memories, 5 very vague memories (goes up with how much information is retained, or how well they can search within the opponents mind)
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New Jutsu
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