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a new genaration of naruto
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 Leo Strike

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PostSubject: Leo Strike   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:22 am

name:Leopard Strike
element:Ice or Water
1-10 damage:Depends on Chakra amount
description:The user manipulates water around them with their chakra in a way that will shape it into a snow leopard. Making the Jutsu powerful they send the water/ice snow leopard forth, striking the opponent with it's claws or crashing into them with tremendous force knocking the air out of them. If the jutsu is made out of ice, the opponent will get fairly wounded depending on the amount of chakra the user used. If jutsu was made out of water, the opponent will basically be caught off guard and get their breath knock out of them, giving the user time to retreat-- if possible the user can also drown their opponent if caught in the mouth of the leopard, for it's size is bigger then any building.
jutsu type:Ninjutsu
jutsu rank:D & C
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Leo Strike
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