naruto genaraitions of tommorow

a new genaration of naruto
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 Shoru Akarui

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PostSubject: Shoru Akarui   Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:22 pm

Name:Shoru Akarui
Hair collor: Purple
Age: 15
Can: Akarui
Village: Cloud
Shoru is a bit between what you would call fit and slim.

Shoru has many different sets of clothes but on missions and in battles she usually wears a shortened kimono, with light purple flowers and a type of cloth boots and violet gloves both of them are strapped with leather bindings (see pic above). She always carries Eikou on her hip and always has a bandanna her neck that covers her headband.

Her favorite casual outfit is a blue tank top and a pair of violet shorts (mid thigh). Even in casual she still carries Eikou and wears her bandanna. Her pajamas' are a pair of purple shorts (upper thigh) and a mid drift tank top of midnight blue.

She even has a training outfit, it is a purple, white and black bikini top(in camouflage). She also wears black shorts to her knees. She wears her regular cloth boots. But for sparring she her gloves.

History:Shoru's family was one of the oldest clans in the cloud village. They have a special keikei genkai (the Murasakiirogan). Shoru was born as the second child in her family, her older brother was much older than her, much older, he was about 19 when she was born. Her brother who was a ninja left the village accompanied by his best friend, they wanted to start an organization to rival Akatsuki. Her mother was a top ninja in the Cloud Village was sent out to bring him back. Her son showed no mercy he badly injured her and she died later in hospital, Shoru was only 5 when this happened. Her father attempted to raise her. Everything was fine until Shoru turned 8 that was when she decided to begin to train to become a ninja, she wanted to go out and find her brother. She entered into the Cloud Village Ninja Academy. Eventually she graduated at the top of her class 4 years later. That's where the problems started, the year after that she began to inherit the Murasakiirogan. Her father had no idea how to handle this. He being a man in the clan did not inherit the bloodline limit. Shoru was forced to learn how to command the Murasakiirogan. This however made her one of, if not the most powerful user of the Murasakiirogan. Thats why her teachers set lofty goals for her so she always felt a little pressured but she never was truly overwhelmed. She always worked hard to achieve those goals. She passed the chuunin exam the second time after being knocked out in the third stage on her first attempt. She only ever had one team but after becoming chuunin they broke apart and they never went on another mission together. She didn't want to have team anymore, she didn't want to have any burdens because she thought she was too good. She did however love being teamed up with Jounin. Shoru also had a partner after that, sadly her partner was KIA on one of her missions. She now is one of the most advanced chuunin and takes only solo missions or ones as squad leader. She has never been good at taking orders from others.
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Shoru Akarui
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