naruto genaraitions of tommorow

a new genaration of naruto
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 yuki Momochi

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PostSubject: yuki Momochi   Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:29 am

Name: Yuki Momochi

Hair collor: Red

Age: 18

Clan: Momochi

Village: Hidden Mist village

Pic: [img] [/img]
Personality: Your classic brawler. He loves fighting and training with a great passion. Loyal and faithfully to his comrades, family, and above all the village. He will gladly give his life to protect family, comrades, and the village if need be.
Kind, energetic and charismatic he Vassily earns the trust and friendship of his comrades, and he will not betray that trust. He respects the strong if they be ally of enemy.

Strengths: Due to his training regimen he is a taijutsu master. He also is skilled in the use of kunai and shuriken. His taijutsu compensates for his inability to perform ninjutsu and ginjutsu more advanced that the wall and water walking jutsus. His discipline and bravery make him a dangerous foe that can take on anyone due to his speed and physical strength.

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is his lack of ninjutsu and ginjutsu. He has little defense against these types of attacks. He is also rash and often rushes in during missions. He will not leave a comrade behind, often leading to his near capture of death.

Fighting Style: he uses a variation on the drunken style of martial arts. This style takes advantage of his speed, strength and grace. He can often link his techniques up with barrages of kunai and shuriken to maximize damage. He is also highly skilled in the art of the blade.

History: Yukimaru was born into the prestigious momochi clan. His parents were the two famous shinobi Akira momochi and lady No. He never met his father who died a hero shortly before Yuki's birth. As such his mother raised him alone. His mother was heartbroken when the medical core told her that her son's chakra network was interrupted and predicted he would never become a shinobi

As a child yuki never gave heed to the prediction, and in secret focused on taijutsu, He would secretly train for hours on end. His efforts came to the attention of kenshin Tengu, a elite Jonin that was also a taijutsu specialist. He began to secretly watch yuki as his training proggresed.

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PostSubject: Re: yuki Momochi   Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:44 pm

approved exalelent


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yuki Momochi
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